Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Time Off

I had unexpected time off the past couple weeks from one of the stores that I teach at. I had such high expectations for my time off, and, well, I didn't really do as much as I had expected.

Things I did do:
1. Signed up for Friendster but only because my best friend sent me an invite. I think it's really silly, but it's always nice to be more connected.
2. Spent far too much time outside in the heat taking pictures of jewelry, which leads me to:
3. Opened a small etsy store for my residual earrings. I used to sell to a boutique in South Pasadena, and this is stuff that was originally destined to them, but decided to try it solo. Again, we'll see, but it has been fun. And if you're curious click here.

Hmm, and that's about it. I thought I did more.

What I should have done:
1. Written up the pattern for my beaded purse and taken a picture of it for the stores I teach at. Will likely sell the pattern.
2. Finish second sample of the beaded purse.
3. Finish an ill fated repair that has given me fits in more ways then one can count.
4. Block the Flower Basket Shawl.
5. Stock the fridge. With all this time, I haven't even been cooking. Our fridge is a pathetic mix of condiments and leftovers from eatting out. Oh, and thawing young coconut juice.. mmm...

I did do the mundane house stuff, like pay bills, dishes, laundry, etc., but then I have to do that or it's just kind of an issue. My husband does a lot of the house cleaning though, because he gets upset over clutter much faster than I do.

So no knitting to talk about and no new beading. I did roast 2 batches of the same coffee (Guatemalan Dos Marias from Jones Coffee) at 2 different roast levels. Since the FR+ roasts so quickly I usually take the roast just into second crack. I decided to stop one roast about 30seconds to a minute before I thought second crack would hit. I'm not sure if I really like it. The flavor is far less full, a little flat even. My husband said, "you didn't brew this coffee as strong as usual." Today after a little more rest, I liked it better, but I think I like the coffee in general more at FC+ than C+. I will definitely try the experiment again now that I'm more confident in my roasting skills. I didn't get any grassy taste like the last time I tried it, so at least I'm learning. I'm afraid I'm roasting to the same level all the time, so I need to learn to vary it and not get stuck in one place.

Obligatory cat photo. This is of fatty sitting next to the catnip I'm growing for him in the backyard. He actually chased the ratty white cat with an orange tail out of our backyard when it invaded his territory. The white cat was going straight for the catnip, and fatty wasn't going to take that. It's big news in this house because fatty isn't known for moving very much if he sees no need to, which he doesn't see a need to most of the day. In this pictures he is only mildly high.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Parents should never get sick.

I think I'm really naive in thinking that nothing will ever happen to my parents. I'm in my early thirties, and I should know that occasionally things will happen, and much to my child like view, they are not immortal. For that matter, my cat is not immortal either. However my brain does not want to comprehend that at all.

My mother and father went hiking at Bear Mountian, New York, and my mother ended up breaking her ankle. They got her to the community hospital that we know quite dearly because I was born there and my father worked there for 35 years. It was pretty bad, so she was in the hospital since Sunday and was not able to get surgery on the ankle until today due to swelling. She'll be there until early next week.

However, I had a very impractical reaction to this whole ordeal. I just kept on thinking, "my mommy is in the hospital!" Apparently, my twin sister had a similar reaction, so I am not alone. Neither of my parents have ever been hospitalized except when us kids were born. I know we are fortunate that they are so healthy, but at the same time it really screwed me up when she entered the hospital because it was such a foreign thought. With my parents being across the country it makes it a little more difficult because I don't want to bother them on the phone and I can't help in any way.

Meanwhile, my twin sister had a biopsy procedure due to a possibly cystitis, and I had absolutely no fear for her. Jenny, I love you, but I just don't understand myself sometimes!

On the knitting front, the flower basket shawl is done and needs to get blocked. I've been knitting quite a bit lately. I started a modular scarf and that is almost done. I'm making it out of Plymouth 24K in a green/brown/cream and of course gold colorway. It is coming out nicely and is very subtle, not as overtly zig zag looking as another yarn would look. A bit of a waste of time to do it with this yarn because it is so subtle, but I actually like it, where as I'm not fond of the whole modular look otherwise. It'll be a sample at Needle in a Haystack. Also making a larger beaded evening bag for the same store, and for pattern writing. I really need to put more pictures up.

Here's one my husband did of fatty: