Thursday, May 31, 2007

Under the Wire

Annette posted a contest at Skeins Her Way and I thought I would join in.

Here are my summer knitting goals:
1. Finally finish my Rusted Root sweater. All I need is to finish the bind-off and do the ribbing on the sleeves. Here it is so far (picture courtesy of KnitDevil)

2. I want to make another summer top, and I have a couple ideas in my head for a design but I'm looking for the perfect yarn. I really should check stash first.
3. Find my papers that I wrote down most of my older stash on and figure out what I really have. However, denial is probably going to win on this one.

That's about it, I have other summer goals, but they don't involve knitting.

And I'll sign off with a shameless kitten picture that I really liked.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

who are we?

I never said who these sweeties are! They are foster bottle kittens from the local humane society. I had signed up to foster I think over a year ago specifically for bottle kittens, since I have the time to take care of them and a little prior experience helping my sister with her many fosters. I also believe that young kittens don't deserve to be euthanized because they are too young or too small, it was not their fault. Responsible pet parents should fix their animals, and for strays there are great catch and release spay/neuter options. Pasadena has a great program and an explanation of how and why it works.

I picked up three kittens on Friday when they called and needed someone immediately. The tortoiseshell little girl came with a brother, and the brown tabby had an unknown mom. The siblings also had 3 more litter mates that are being fostered by someone else. Their mom had gone dry. Unfortunately, the little boy had trouble breathing on Saturday night and ate very little, although he did purr quite a bit until he became very weak. It was very sad, but I knew going into it that they don't all make it.

None of the kittens have names, because I was trying my hardest not to become attached, just in case. However, if you have suggestions, I think they are strong enough now that they should make it. The brown tabby is very active and curious, he's also a little older. The tortoiseshell is calmer but has quite a set of lungs when she's hungry. She's learning to hold her own against her older active friend too. The little one is probably around 3-4 weeks old, and the tabby is somewhere around 4-5 weeks old. I'm trying to think of some well known or make believe couple to name them after, but the lack of sleep is starting to prevent me from rational thought. So suggestions are welcome! And no, I will not be keeping either of them. King Winston deserves to reign this household alone, as he likes it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


No knitting getting done, because I have these works in progress to take care of:

I was away for a little while and this is a preview of what went on:

Hopefully more to come!